Friday, February 6, 2009

Why "Sheldon"?!

Who is "Sheldon"??

For sure, I have no doubt that those of you who lived through the 80s and 90s already know who "Sheldon" is, but just don't realize it!

Sheldon is 'our egg'... yes, yes, I know the egg comes from me and the swimmers come from Scott - thank you for the biology lesson. HOWEVER, this "Sheldon" is 'our egg'... if you remember Colby was "Fishy" in utero. A fish swimming around in the tank aka my growing uterus. So after we found out we were pregnant this time around we couldn't let this baby go un-named for 40 whole weeks, how sad would that be?!

So somehow simultaneously Scott and I came up with "Sheldon". Who knows maybe we both were wracking our brain, scanning through the years, all those snippets of info from our lives that we could come up with that referred somehow to a developing child.

And yes, just like that our Baby Townsend #2 became known as "Sheldon"!

The growing 'egg' cooped up in it's shell, protected and sheltered, not knowing what is happening in the world surrounding it. Just awaiting its day, the day it too will hatch!

Guess I was the one nominated for "sitting on the shell" as it incubates for the next -20+ weeks. And maybe Sheldon is right, I've heard what's going on in life and the world around us, sometimes I'd like to be hiding in a protected shell too!

Wonder what "Sheldon" will look like? I wonder what "Sheldon" will be?

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