Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Good news, I think we are close to completion with our Dr. Seuss room!

Sheldon aka Parker's room is this close to being totally done - paint, extras and all. Can you believe it? I think we covered our fair share of Seuss book artwork in his full-room mural, can you remember them all? I don't think I can!

Here are some pictures of the latest additions...

I know you've seen this picture before. BUT, can you see the difference this time?
Look closely! The Truffula trees are 3D - some of them anyways. The big one in the corner is actually a real stick (yes, secured very well to the wall), painted and then topped with a fuzzy Truffula Tuft. The smaller ones have fuzzy tufts added to them.

Can't have a bird falling out of the tree without real feathers!

The Ying now has water in his shower!
Still more to come here... can you figure out yet what might become 3D?

Can't forget to look up...

... at the ceiling fan which is painted red in honor of the Cat in the Hat!

"If I Ran the Zoo" you might run into this guy!

and if you or "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut" then we could read about knees in trees or bees on 3s!

And because it is a classic that has become a typical gift at graduation and a book to remind you about dreaming big dreams, I had to add some of the signature balloons seen in "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"
So the characters are complete, but the room is not... what else could there be?

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